Who we are?

We, Tag Team Studios, are a collective of people who have come together to work towards their dream of good photography/cinematography while providing our clients with top notch clicks to remember their special moments.We are artists who just happened to use video equipment and capture the special candid moments which generally end up lost in time. We believe that candid shots of unexpecting people make for a beautiful collage of memories, irrespective of what the occasion is and we work towards that everyday.

We are a team that loves to create. While having said that, we also understand that it is a lot of work to create content worthy of creating. In order to achieve that, we all get together each day to put ideas into visuals.But the portfolio does not end here. We also make videos for fun. We have created numerous blockbuster YouTube videos which topped the charts and guess what, we will be happy to do it for you as long as you pay us well and let us take care of the entire process.To sum it all up, we are a small elite team that emphasises on the need to always get the job done, the right way. Because we are way more than just a camera crew. We are not just shooting visuals, we’re shooting memories. We are trying to capture things that our imagination fails to at times.

We are Tagteam Studios.