The click experts capturing your world through our lens.
We have undertaken and successfully completed loads of wedding photography and filming projects and a testimony to that are the couples who just relive their special day every time they open the album.
Music Albums
When we’re not busy shooting someone’s special day, we’re out trying to make the day special for ourselves. We’ve created numerous videos that have been well received by audiences. The latest in the series was Jimpak Chipak, a tribute to Hyderabad which cross 3 lakh hits in less than two weeks.
While we do it all with the camera, we’re also a handy bunch when it comes to doing things that do not involve the use of a camera. Our experienced and dedicated designers have all the right moves to bring your imagination to reality with their graphic designing ability.
Our success in music videos has propelled us to explore new horizons and looks at things which require a similar skillset. We’re dedicated to the cause of making good videos in areas like corporate films, ad films and documentaries.